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  • Virtual CISO and Strategic Planning

  • We provide managed services and support for key areas of IT services and operations. These services are available on a project, consulting, or a retainer basis to help your organization when you need it most.

  • Where is your Strategy Taking the Business?

    Executives are struggling to understand information security, and information security is struggling to understand business objectives. This leads to a dysfunction in operations where you find that technology isn't working as expected, returns poor results, or seems broken all together.

    This systemic failure of strategic planning often results in tactical activities that are ad-hoc and chaotic. The technology staff doesn't seem to understand, and often don't appear qualified for the role. Companies in this state struggle to attract and retain top technology talent, resulting in further broken processes, and partially implemented initiatives.

  • Bridging the Gap

    Crossroads Information Security works with organizations to align security with the business objectives. Our approach to security innovation and processes allows companies to become more secure, elevate existing staff capabilities, and alowing organizations to attract and retain top talent that can take the business to the next level.

    We work with organizations to research and determine the right combination of talent, culture, communications, technical ability, and foundational security frameworks that increase maturity over time. This goes beyond what you might expect from a Virtual CISO service. This is a commitment to helping you innovate and build highly effective security teams and leaders that are engaged with your business.

  • The Path to Security

    All the breaches you read about aren't due to not having the right technology or talent. The underlying problem is that security and the business didn't have trust, buy in, and backing. We find the following factors are what most companies are experiencing:

    There's no understanding of how effective the information security program is

    Security leaders fail to analyze the business, understand where it's at, and where it's going

    There's no understanding of what resources are truly needed

    The threat landscape is not fully understood

    Security is not trusted, and does not have a seat at the table

    We work with our clients to remove these obstacles and create highly effective information security programs executives and board members can understand.